Where to start

If you have failed to achieve pregnancy having regular unprotected sexual intercourse within the year, you need to at least consider visiting the fertility specialist of your choice to discuss some preliminary advice regarding your individual situation and possible aspects of treatment. Entrust your inputs into professionals, be patient and rest assured that your dream of building family will come true.




What is the path to happy birthday of your kid?


Choosing the IVF cycle treatment, we recommend you to provide the physician available medical records, including results of specific blood tests: (AMH, FSH, TSH, and prolactin); patency of the fallopian tubes test (if available), history about previous fertility treatment attempts (successful or unsuccessful); the stimulation protocols. Semen analysis services are available in the Clinic “Victoria”, if you prefer to provide your sample in the clinic, then the semen sample can be analyzed by the laboratory staff within an hour. Thus having collected all information, you can email this to us.


Diagnostic Procedures

Specialists of the clinic will discuss some treatment options in your situation according information you have provided. These might include: IVF+ICSI, donation and surrogacy programs, however you might be requested to do some specific tests again after consultation.



After completing the initial preparation and receiving the advice of a specialist about treatment option, you will be invited to come to the clinic by possessing necessary documents with you to begin selected treatment program. The documents include: passport and marriage certificate, the originals of tests results. These documents must be translated, (however translations thereof may be done in Ukraine).

In case the surrogacy was the selected as option in your case, then you shall note, that clinic “Victoria”, provides only medical services.


The management of pregnancy

The time of pregnancy might be uneasy for you and may also take some efforts from your family to go thru, therefore specialists of the clinic “Victoria” will be next to you to assist and support you in every step along the way until childbirth. The pregnancy achieved with use of ART methods requires special care and expertise of the competent obstetricians-gynecologists that is necessary for your gestation to be safe and uncomplicated.


Question to the doctor

The information provided on this form is completely confidential and will be used solely to provide written consultation by e-mail and / or write to schedule an Appointment to a specialist of the Reproductive Genetics Clinic "Victoria"

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