For some women, carrying their own baby through pregnancy is impossible and a surrogate program offers their only hope of having a child. This program is permitted and lawful in Ukraine. Specialists of the clinic “Victoria” have many years of experience and can support you throughout surrogacy program. You can fully trust us in this journey.


When is treatment by surrogacy recommended?

  • absence of uterus (congenital or acquired);
  • deformation of the cavity or the cervix;
  • structural-morphological or anatomical changes of the endometrium, leading to the loss of efficiency of the process of implantation of the embryo and the adhesion of uterus that are not treatable;
  • serious somatic diseases, in which the pregnancy threatens the woman’s health;
  • repeated unsuccessful attempts of assisted reproduction technologies with obtaining high-quality embryos the transplantation(implantation) of which did not(failed) to lead to pregnancy.


How does the program of surrogate maternity work?

  • choose a surrogate mother;
  • synchronize the menstrual cycle of biological and surrogate mothers, prepare embryos/cryoembryos;
  • perform the procedure of transferring embryos into the uterus of a surrogate mother;
  • cryopreserve the unused embryos (if there are more than you need);
  • diagnose pregnancy;
  • in the case of a positive result – the maintenance of pregnancy until the birth.


Mandatory requirements for the conducting of surrogacy:

  • the presence of medical indications;
  • the program is exclusively for couples who are in a registered marriage;
  • spouses (or one of the parents) must provide the genetic material for the program.


Legislative regulation of surrogacy

Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal and regulated by the Family code of Ukraine and other normative documents.


Family code of Ukraine defines the origin of a child who was born through the use of methods of artificial insemination and clearly defines the parents of a child who was born by the surrogate mother – the couple who provided the gametes (sex cells) and used the services of surrogate mothers.


Paragraph 3 of the same article establishes the possibility of usage by the spouses donor oocytes or sperm in the program of in vitro and the embryo in any case will be the same as the one received from spouses. The couple, who have agreed to the usage of assisted reproductive technologies, fully have parental rights and obligations in respect of the born children as a result of the use of these techniques.


Please note that the clinic of genetics reproduction “Victoria” in the surrogacy program provides exclusively the medical service, which is the procedure of in vitro and embryo transfer from genetic parents into the uterus of a surrogate mother. The clinic and its employees do not provide assistance and advisory services, in particular juridical, on registration of the child/children born through surrogacy, as well as rules and procedures of the registration and registration of exit (travel) documents in the embassies of foreign states for the child/children who were born by a surrogate mother.


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