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The reproductive genetics clinic “Victoria” was founded in 2007. For this period of time the clinic become one of the leading expert centers in the treatment of infertility in Ukraine and for a long time has steady high efficiency indicators of treatment of reproductive disorders. Every second family treated in the clinic “Victoria” felt the happiness of becoming mother and father.

This proves that the methods and medications used by us are modern and effective and professionalism of our specialists are worthy of respect. This shows that the methods and medications applied for infertility treatment are modern and effective, well as the professionalism of our specialists who are worthy of respect. With the same likelihood, soon It may appear that you will become happy parents.


Our mission
We live and work for the sake of the future healthy generation, desired and expected children, who will soon become the pride of the society. That is why we consolidated all of our knowledge, experience and efforts aimed to helping you realize your dream to give the birth to new life.


We are trusted
Clinic “Victoria” is honored to helping person and couples almost from all over the world. Patients from USA, Western Europe, Israel and neighboring countries who seek for opportunity to receive the most advanced fertility care available in our clinic for realization of their dream become the happy parents. The high level of ART technologies, experienced specialists, cutting-edge labs, appropriate service and high equivalence of the infertility treatment applied in our clinic play significant role in this.


We are the experts in the following issues:

  • Treatment of severe and complex forms of infertility;
  • Treatment options for patients after failed IVF attempts;for patients after failed IVF attempts;
  • Achieving pregnancy by women within 37 years and over;
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD);
  • Secondary preventive measures of children’s birth with  congenital  and chromosomal abnormalities;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent miscarriage;
  • Treatment of genitourinary disorders and infertility of men;
  • Full cycle of the prenatal care support;Fetal medicine;
  • Fetal medicine;
  • Donors and Surrogacy;
  • Clinical diagnostic and Cytogenetic investigations.


We are successful because:

    • Our team is a team of professionals whose experience and competence represent accumulated potential of leading Ukrainian and foreign schools of Human Reproduction;
    • We keep the highest standards in providing medical care paired with the use of the technologically innovative equipment (in accordance with the recommendation of the ESHRE);
    • Successful collaboration with foreign physicians and scientists to provide most advanced treatment options for you;
    • We have a modern clinical diagnostic and cytogenetic laboratory to warrant a full investigations within the diagnostics cycle, infertility treatment and prenatal care support;
    • Personal data of the patients is entirely secured in compliance with Personal Data Act of Ukraine.



Scientific researches

Education and Research studies are essential for services we offer. The specialists of the clinic “Victoria” constantly improve their expertise in the field of modern reproductive technologies, which means better treatment options of the severe forms of infertility for you. We take a pride of having own patents for inventions recognized by the world community of fertility specialists.



The results of our work:
1. A patent on useful model number 65889 “Method of fertilization IN VITRO” (2011)
2. A patent on useful model number 65890 “Method of fertilization IN VITRO” (2011)
3. A patent on invention entitled “Method of fertilization IN VITRO” (2012). This invention greatly increases the chances of women with the reduced ovarian reserve, have genetically own children.


Fertility specialists, geneticists and embryologists of the clinic “Victoria” not only possess great  clinical expertise , but   also are involved in evolution of the medical science, as shown by participation at numerous Ukrainian and international conferences, congresses, seminars, publication of scientific articles, guidelines and monographs on IVF (in vitro fertilization).


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